Before 4 June 2011, he was just a nameless face. In Korea’s Got Talent, Sungbong Choi sang into the hearts of millions of people worldwide. The numbers are still growing rapidly even though the finals were held on 20 August 2011 where he bagged 1st Runner Up.

Now he needs to be heard. And you need to hear about him.And you’ve come to the right place.

This is where Sungbong’s supporters can give him that warm hug. People like you who want to be with him to help him rise to that level of fame he richly deserves. Here, you can be closer to him. To comfort and support him. To make him happy and see him smile. We did that in our sister Facebook pages where personal contributions poured in. As with amazing support. But that is another story.

Today, our latest portal will allow Sungbong to be a step closer to us. To be with us as we walk on a new journey together. Here, we will pledge our help to him At last, Sungbong Choi stepped close to us, and we also created this official page to pay back, so we are going to make another story together with him. And to help him realise the only dream he has ever had. Achieving his Nella Fantasia through his singing that has taken the world by storm.

We hope you’ll be with us as we update you with the latest news about the next emerging world celebrity. Sungbong Choi.